Identity Course


This 7 week course examines one of the key eye witness testimonies to hte life of Jesus. We look at John's account (or Gospel) to clear up the confusion about who we are and who God is. It also begins to address some common questions such as science, other religions, suffering...

On Sunday evenings at 7.30pm from 3rd May, probably using Zoom.

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Bible Course


This 8 week course helps us to see the big picture of the Bible storyline - from Genesis to Revelation.  A group of us did this course earlier in the year and found it really helpful and heart-warming.
On Monday evenings at 7.30pm from 27th April, again, using Zoom. 
If you miss the first week it's not too late to join.
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Course in the book of Romans

We are going to be in Romans for our sermons over the next few weeks.  This course will centre around some questions Dave will produce for us - questions for us to think about before the sermon!  And Dave is inviting us to join him for a study on Romans before the sermons too.
On roughly alternative Wednesday evenings and possibly a daytime session too (eg a Thursday at 1.30pm), using Starleaf.
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